Monday, February 21, 2011

Swahili Words Learned on Safari...

I almost forgot. Part of the fun of visiting other countries is learning about their customs and trying to pick up a word or two. I always try my best to at least verse myself with "please, thank you, hello and good bye". I figure that is the least that I can do.

Solomon from Little Governors' Camp was our guide for five days. He was fantastic! One of the things that Solomon did was teach us a word or two in Swahili each day. I figured I should record some of these words. Otherwise I will never remember.
Pole pole= Slowly, slowly- A nice term to know if you think you may see interesting wildlife and want your guide to slow down.
Pole= Sorry- What Solomon says when he accidentally hits a big bump :)
Kwaheri= bye bye
Keribu= your welcome
Sawa sawa= it's okay
twende= lets' go- When are satisfied with our sighting and are ready to move on.
haraka= quick quick
sante= thank you
sana= very much
sante sana= thank you very much
jambo= welcome greeting (hi)
lala= sleep 
la la salama= sleep well
yetu= ours
wageni= visitors
mageni= one visitor

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