Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day Eight: Ngorongoro Crater, Masai Village Visit, travel to Arusha and Rivertrees Country Inn.

Vervet Monkey
Today we saw lots of lions again. We saw lions on a wildebeest kill, a small group of vervet monkeys, then a small herd of elephants in the forest. We got tired of driving around the barren wasteland,
so when I noticed the monkeys in the forest, I opted to watch and photograph them for an hour or so.

On the way out of Ngorongoro conservation area we stopped at a Masai village and were taken on a tour by the chief’s son. It started with a welcome dance and they insisted that we both dance with them. His father has 20 wives. The chief's son explained that when you have one wife, you have one problem. When you have twenty wives: 20 problems:) The chief's son was quite impressive. He was educated in Arusha and spoke very elequently.

Maasai Village Visit

After experiencing what we would call a more "civilized" society, he preferred living the Masai lifestyle. It was a pretty interesting tour as we were led into a hut and showed how they lived and cooked and slept. The structure of the hut is made with acacia tree branches. Each hut has a small main area that is used for cooking and a bedroom for the parents and a bedroom for the children. The roof of the hut is made with long grasses and the walls and the roof are cemented together with cow dung. The huts are quite sturdy and last for about 20 years. Each hut takes about 14 days to build.

The picture count for today is 739. 10,889 pictures to go...

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