Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day Five: Tarangire National Park

Watering Hole

The vehicles in Tanzania are perfect for safari photography. The tops pop up so you can stand up in the vehicle, but are still shaded from the sun. It is quite ingenious.
Today was a great day for photography. We saw herds of zebra and waited for them at the river. We photographed literally hundreds of them as they passed through to drink. So far that was definitely the highlight of the safari. Tarangire is famous for their elephants. We saw hundreds of elephants, hundreds of Masai giraffe, hundreds of zebra, hundreds of baboons and basically a large diversity of animals.

When we got home from our safari today there were two huge elephant bulls in camp eating the trees about two tents down from ours. We were too dirty and too hungry to feel intimidated and after photographing hundreds of elephants in large herds today oddly enough we didn't really care. We had our showers and watched them as we waited for supper. You know you are on safari in Tanzania or Kenya when you go to sleep at night with animals like these outside your tent.

While we're on safari, safari comes to us
The picture count for today is 3517. Tomorrow we photograph in Tarangire in the morning, then at noon we leave for Ngorongoro Conservation area. Ngorongoro is ten miles wide, by twelve miles long. It is toted for being the most populated area for wildlife viewing on earth with 25000 to 30,000 animals.

12, 763 pictures to go...

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