Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day Nine: Travel to Nairobi, then on to Little Governors' Camp

September 10th...
We are over our allowable weight limit for baggage due to our photography equipment, so the airline attendant in charge of checking the weight of the bags sternly tells us that we are over our limit. “That will be $3 per kilogram over or $60. He then takes us aside so we can fill out our customs paperwork and tells us that we can buy him lunch and lunch is $20. I thought that was kind of funny. We gladly paid him the twenty bucks. Thankfully, the flights from Arusha to Nairobi and Nairobi to Little Governors’ camp are both in larger planes that are pressurized, so my nausea stays to a minimum. What a relief! We get into Little Governors’ camp where our guide Solomon is waiting for us. I specifically asked for him as a guide and right from the get go he was awesome! We had more fun, more conversation and learned more from Solomon in a short fifteen minute game drive into camp than we had learned from our previous Guide from Thomson’s in four days!
Boat ride across the Mara river to Little Governors' camp

I got a kick out of the look on Gaye’s face as we got closer to the camp. You get out of the land rover, then walk down these steps to the Mara river. At the bottom of the stairs is a man in a boat. There is a rope that goes across the river, so he just has to pull us across. As you are going across, you can see the hippos just upstream and downstream from our crossing. The first day she looked a little nervous, but we have to cross the river four times per day, so it gets comfortable quite quickly and just adds to the charm of the camp. Pictures to come soon...

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View pictures of the lions from Little Governors' Camp.

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