Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day Four: Giraffe Manor, then travel day to Arusha, then on to Tarangire National Park

With my food poisoning, yesterday was kind of a blur and a write off. After we got home from the elephant sanctuary I pretty much slept from about 1p.m. to 7p.m., then got up for dinner which they served to us in our room, then I went back to bed.
This morning, feeling about 75%, I had a good breakfast, then we left for the airport. I still had a really bad headache and was feeling somewhat queezy. I was eyeing up a muffin, but we had lots of time, so we decided to have lunch…Big mistake! I was reintroduced to that very lunch on the flight to Kilamanjaro. That was not pleasant. They had given us bags with a small sandwich and juice and fruit. About ten minutes from landing, I grabbed both my bag and Gaye’s, emptied them out on her lap, then proceeded to fill them both…quite discretely, I might add. So there I am holding these f’ing bags, sick as a dog. Then we had to wait to get out of the damn plane. I was asking the attendants where the nearest garbage was, but they didn’t really see the urgency and I didn’t want to bring attention to what I was carrying. Well, the weight and liquid of the contents was just too much for those paper bags and they gave way. The attendants quickly understood the urgency of the matter and helped me out. Green as a spruce tree I made my way with Gaye to pick up our visa’s and through customs. Thankfully our next flight was only a 15 minute flight or I think I would have lost any other reserves that I could have possibly had left. From there our guide from Thomson Safaris met us. I slept for the next 90 minutes on the way to Tarangire National Park.

Tanzanian Synchronized Zebra Team
 We had about an hour long safari ride to the camp. 45 minutes of which we were able to take pictures before it got dark. We saw troops of baboons, herds of impala, a herd of over 20 masai giraffe (which is odd as giraffe are not usually in groups), several herds of buffalo and the odd water buck here and there. Not a bad game drive for 45 minutes. The picture count for today is 619. 16,280 pictures to go. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really on my game, so I don’t know that there are any stellar pictures in the bunch, but all in all not bad for 45 minutes I suppose.
Tomorrow we get up early. I have some serious catching up to do! I am going to ask to visit the watering holes of Tarangire. It is dry as a bone out here, so I think the animals will be in huge numbers at the river and swamps. Tomorrow I am shooting for 2500 images to get back on track. 16,280 pictures to go...

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